Qu'est-ce que le floorball ?
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What is Floorball ? 

Floorball (a.k.a. Unihockey, Innebandy or Salibandy) is an indoor team sport invented in Sweden in the 80s. The sport derivates from Ice Hockey but is played indoors without skates.

Vincent Françoise lance une attaque contre le Paris UC

The game :

Floorball is played on a court which measures 40 by 20 metres and is enclosed by 50cm high boards. 

Two teams, composed of 1 goalkeeper and 5 field players, play against each other during 3 periods of 20 minutes, under two referees' supervision.

Because of the intensity of the effort, a team is made up of 5-players lines, performing substitutions at any time during the course of the game.

The equipment :

Players wear shorts, a shirt, socks and indoor shoes.

Vincent Grieu à l'engagement. Tenue de sport classique et crosse, pas de matériel onéreux au floorball.

They play with light sticks made of composite or carbon (about 100 cm long) and a hollow plastic ball that has 26 small holes (weighing only 25 grams).

Guillaume Dupas défend sa cage

The goalkeeper does not carry a stick. He wears a helmet, padded trousers, a padded long-sleeved shirt and other protective equipments which do not cover the goal such as knee pads, jocks and gloves.

The values :

Floorball is based on several principles which are parts of the game :

    • Team-focused, it can easily gather men and women in the same lineup.

Le floorball est un sport fondamentalement collectif
    • Physically intense, Technical for the stick-handling skills and Intelligent with strategies and creativity, it develops all those qualities

    • Accessible to everybody :
      - Entertaining, floorball is enjoyable from the very beginning.
      - No hard hits or bodychecks as in ice hockey. It can therefore be played by everybody, at any age.
      - A player's equipment is limited to classical sports clothes and a stick (from 15€) which can be lent by our club. Playing floorball is consequently really affordable.

      Respect entre adversaires
    • Floorball is characterized by exemplary sportsmanship (typical of the northern countries it comes from) which can be seen in rules and in the fair-play displayed by players.