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About our Club :

Created as an association on the 30th of may 2008, Caen Floorball is actually managed by a team of 10 people living in or near Caen :

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Our main goal is to develop Floorball and to make it known in Caen and nearby. It's the first Floorball Club in Normandy.

The team is engaged in the French championship, 2nd Division since 2008/2009, and has been promoted to the 1st Division for 2013/2014. We also have a women team, 2nd team, a junior team...so feel free to join us !

Trainings are directed by Benjamin Stephan, and the club was founded by Vincent Grieu, who played Floorball since 2006, with a participation with the French nationtal team to the World Floorball Championship in Slovakia in april 2008, and Roller in line Hockey, in Caen for 10 years.